Custom Made Fine Diamond & Gemstone Jewelry

Custom Made Fine Diamond & Gemstone Jewelry

We at Gemrize are aware that often what starts off as a small Jewelry Gift to oneself, a Diamond Investment to lock in lower prices today for the long run, or a Gemstone studded piece to celebrate and give to a significant other becomes a Family Heirloom, Dynastic Symbol or Sentimental Trinket

Therefore, building a story into a tailor made piece of Jewelry can ensure the emotional value of it.

“My mother inherited this Gemrize made Ruby pendant” or “My father’s clan colors are embodied in this Gemrize Insignia Ring” are just a few examples of what you will find our clients say.

Being part of that history is not only an honour but a testament to our pedigree and long standing in the Jewelry industry.

Whether all you have in mind is a color, we say that is ample to get started. From that color, we can offer up a variety of gemstones, after which we can see which is most financially feasible for your budget allocation. Then we can determine through the establishment of the size of gem or gems if we should be wearing close to their heart as a pendant, or on display for the world to see as a Centre Finger Ring and of course we have celebration earrings, statement bracelets, gentlemanly cufflinks and so much more. As the process evolves design work can start through initial sketches, and these can be tweaked scrapped or adopted as is.

After the thought process is complete, materialising can start through a marriage of ancient handicraft and modern 3D printing to result in a truly unique piece of art that is worn as jewelry.

But it all started with that initial spark of inspiration and so Gemrize welcomes you to let us mould that thought into a mememto that will become a cross generational bridge. Fill in the enquiry form below with your contact information and that spark of inspirtation as well as other details which might prove useful such as budget, intended recipient and time frame and one of our Specialists will be in touch with you soon.

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