Can I purchase only the loose diamonds or gemstones from you?

Absolutely. We have been in the diamond industry for over 4 generations and we have also always been diamond and gem wholesalers.

We have an active diamond manufacturing, wholesaling and export department which is entirely involved in only sales of loose certified and uncertified diamonds ranging from 0.005 carats per piece all the way up to +10.00 carat sized diamonds.

We have an extensive inventory in our Hong Kong office as well as large stocks in Bombay and Antwerp which are available for viewing by appointment.

We are currently also directly linked with actively producing Imperial Topaz, Emerald and Alexandrite mines in Brazil and have a sourcing office for Colombian emeralds in Bogota.

As a result we have one of the largest inventories for the above stones in Asia Pacific and supply to several traders and wholesalers in the region who sell on to jewelry manufacturing plants across the globe.

We welcome your inquiries into our stock and are happy to sell just the gemstones you require.

What are some ways in which we can clean and maintain jewelry pieces ourselves?

Sometimes, diamonds, gems and jewelry items we have owned for a long time or wear on a daily basis pick up dirt, grease and grime.

However, there are some simple things we can do to maintain the “new” look of our jewelry or clean jewelry.

Some gems are amongst the hardest substances on earth. Most known to all is the hardness of diamonds which makes it ideal for cutting other gems as well as industrial uses such as on the tip of drill bits.

What this means is diamonds will scratch each other and other gems they come even in slightest contact with. There are many cases where people have packed their rings, pendants, etc. in to their jewelry travel bags and on the other end of the journey discovered emeralds, pearls, etc. have been chipped, scratched or even cracked and wondered what could have caused this. It is likely that during transit, diamonds collided with other gems and gold in other jewelry and as a result scratched them.

Therefore, it is important to put your jewelry pieces in separate compartments in travel bags or in separate polythene bags to ensure they do not come in contact with each other directly. Even individual earrings from a matching pair should ideally be kept separately. The same applies to keeping jewelry at home.

In our experience, the most common way you can clean your jewelry is use a warm soapy solution (not hot) and an old toothbrush with soft bristles. Use soft gentle strokes to clean the surface of your gems and take care not to dislodge any parts of more intricate pieces.

It is also best not to clean your jewelry over an unplugged sink.

After cleaning, don’t use a towel to dry. It is best to air dry the pieces so as not to risk dislodging anything while rubbing with a towel.

Finally, if you feel the piece is truly close to your heart and you want to leave it to the experts, then bring in your jewelry or ship it to us and we will have it cleaned using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. This machine vibrates a liquid at high frequency which dislodges any dirt and grime from the surface of most jewelry. This almost always brings the brand new look back to your jewelry.

For details – feel free to contact us.

Can I purchase your jewelry outside of Hong Kong?

Yes you certainly can.

If it is one of our readymade designs then we are happy to ship our jewelry to a location of your choice as long as import requirements are met and no restrictions apply.

If it is a piece of jewelry you want custom made then we are happy to receive designs and provide you with a timeframe for completion of the item. Remember the more details, drawings, dimensions, etc. you provide us, the easier it will be for us to help bring your ideas to fruition. After the jewelry is made, we will be happy to take pictures of the piece from several angles and send you these pictures prior to shipping.

We ship using the most popular international couriers and can also do so using your account with the courier or for a fee we can ship on our account.

As an added measure, we purchase third party insurance which covers loss of shipments in transit. The price of this insurance will also appear on our invoices alongside freight and any duties or taxes if these are also incurred by us.

To find out more about ordering custom made jewelry from overseas, payment procedures and company policy relating to shipping jewelry, feel free to email us for further details.

We are well versed in shipping high end jewelry, diamonds and gemstones to all corners of the globe and this should not be a hindrance to your decision making. So go ahead and order those gems you desire and leave the logistics to us.

Can you engrave the jewelry?

We do provide laser engraving in a variety of fonts and font sizes. However, you need to ensure that there is ample space on the item you want to engrave. Sometimes rings for example do not have an inner surface that can accommodate laser engraving due to holes for gem setting.

But on most items there should be enough space for at least a few initials, while on other items there is often enough space to write an entire sentence. Often our clients ask us to laser engrave, important dates, names, scripture, etc. on the inside of rings or on identity bracelets.

What is my birthstone?

There are several different lists for which gemstone is the birthstone for which month, however below is the one most widely adopted by the industry and various gem societies and governing bodies:

In addition to wearing jewelry with your own birthstone, nowadays loved ones are gifting jewelry with their own birthstone to others as a way of building a bond and showing oneness.

It is also very popular for jewelry collectors to eventually have a collection featuring each of the birthstone

Can I provide you a budget for jewelry and you provide us with ideas for items we can purchase in that budget?

Definitely. In fact many of our clients come to us with a predetermined budget or maximum spending limit.

After we hear their budget we may also ask what the intended purpose of the jewelry or gems is for e.g. gifting, bridal jewelry, matching with existing jewelry, etc.

After we have as much information as possible, we can then provide an array of designs and items suitable for our clients in their budget which maximize what they can get in their price range.

Often clients have been given cash gifts and told to purchase jewelry up to the cash value. In these cases we have frequently delivered more than clients usually expect to get from retail shops. The added benefit of this is we make the person receiving the cash gift happy and the person giving it is also thrilled to see how much their cash gifts yielded in gems and jewelry.

If this is something that appeals to you, we have in house gift certificates available.