Princess Cut and Round Brilliant Diamond

This picture serves to show – that while non Round shapes or as we say fancy shapes which refer to all the shapes apart from Round tend to be cheaper apples to apples versus Rounds the cost savings are mitigated in large part by the face up size difference that a Round of the same or similar carat weight will show.
In short a 1 carat Round might cost 10 to 20% more than 1 carat Princess Cut Diamond in the same carat weight and with most or all other parameters being the same but it will also appear 10 to 20% bigger than a comparable Princess Cut Diamond.
Therefore, and once again it is good to use carat weight as a guide to optical impact – but when your Diamond or Diamonds come together with other gemstones, diamonds or even on its own as a solitaire set in a gold or platinum setting – then as an ensemble you will find the sum is greater than the parts.
Still confused?
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