Diamond Consultation

Diamond Consultation

Picking that Ideal Diamond or making sure two or more Diamonds match perfectly can be a daunting task for many.

Often looking for advise on the matter leads to a lot of misinformation and of course too often we find people give their opinions disconnected from the fact that they will not be the ones parting with their hard earned money.

Diamonds although rare and expensive need not be unaffordable. The right value can be found with the correct compromises and no two people will have the same view on what are the right and wrong aspects of a diamond one should focus on.

Breaking down Diamonds into the 4 C’s of Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut is a good starting point, but there are so many more parameters that come together to make each Diamond unique. These parameters although on their own are unnotcieable but when they together in the right mix can result in one achieving a beautiful stone for a great price.

We welcome inquiries from those that are clean slates on the matter but want to receive objective, unbiased advise. We are happy to walk through the process on a step by step basis and work with you to arrive at the perfect Centre Diamond for an Engagement Ring, perfect Pair of Twin Diamonds for those Anniversary Studs, or just generally guide you through any Diamond acquisition process.

Combine this with our extensive inventory of Diamonds and Diamond Manufacturing capacity, we are sure we can sift through the many options out there that are good enough but not Ideal.

Contact us now by leaving your details and a short message including optional details such as the intended piece of jewelry you want, budget, time frame, etc.

Because after all why not achieve the Ideal Diamond when you have the Ideal Person to wear it.

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